If you are a managed service provider and you have Connectwise Manage as well, there are some really cool things that you can leverage Automate to do.

It can gather the number of workstations and servers that you have and update agreements automatically. As a matter of fact, it can update agreements on any of that kind of stuff. It can update your billing. You can count up how many servers there are, how many domain controllers there are, how many HyperV servers there are. You can count workstations with pretty much any kind of criteria.

Moving beyond that, anything that Automate is able to determine about the workstation, you can bill for that too. Say, for instance, you want it to bill for an application fee wherever a service is installed and running, or where a particular application is installed. You can do all of that, and I'm going to show you how in this course.

We'll begin by gathering those machines, creating products in Connectwise Automate, and then mapping those to products that are in Connectwise Manage thereby automating, counting up for your billing, and avoiding all of that time that many people spend going in manually, counting all the machines, or trying to get some kind of report. You can cut out the middleman and have Automate update that stuff.

There's really no other way to do it than to just jump right in. I've created a few case studies of scenarios where you would want to do this, and I'm going to walk you through doing it.

I that's something that you want to learn how to do, something that will help your organization out, feel free to jump right in and we'll get it done.

Happy automating!

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